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 Mission Statement     

The First Note


From the First Note a student produces it brings me great excitement and joy. It is from that moment I become invested in the  best interest of the student. I can hear the potential that one has to offer and then we go to work. It is my responsibilty as a teacher to hear and then create a plan for bettering the singer and achieving the goals that we set for the semester and the future. It is the students responsibility to take what I have given them and apply it in daily practice. When this happens, a student will grow and become a better singer and musician.

Teach In Harmony


All students will be taught in the Bel Canto technique. 'Bel canto' is the Italian vocal technique and style of the 18th and early 19th centuries, with its emphasis on beauty of sound, thus the term which literally means 'beautiful singing'. More specifically, it is the method of singing a line of music with great 'legato' or smoothness. The bel canto technique of singing, if done properly, is a way of singing where your voice does not tire, but actually gets stronger over the course of a practice. It is a natural way of singing that "makes sense" as it is rooted in simple physical and physiological principles.

The Future Sounds Great


My mission and goal for each student is;

  • to provide each student with solid vocal technique that they are able to rely on when they are performing for their peers, church, or public audience. By designing an individualized lesson plan for each student, we will be able to focus on their strengths and bettering their weaknesses. 

  • instill confidence in each student, by being supportive, yet, teaching them that there is always something which can be approved. If one believes in themselves, it will produce amazing results. 

By working together, as a team, we will ensure that the Future Sounds Great.


Founder’s Notes
I am currently accepting new students! Please contact me and we can discuss the best time for your child to begin vocal studies. Also, a reminder, lessons are not only for children and teens. If you are an adult and would love to explore your voice and make it sing, contact me. 
Tammy Wapinsky

I’d love to hear from you!

1440 Mahantongo St. |Pottsville, PA| 17901

Tel: 812-345-2086

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